Examples of Technology


Technology is the systematic application of knowledge to achieve a practical goal. It has applications in many different areas, including medicine, science, industry, transportation, and everyday life. Let’s look at some examples of technology. Described briefly, technologies include the following: construction technology, information technology, software, and communications. These are all important areas of technology that people are likely to use.

Construction technology

Construction technology is a career field with numerous opportunities. Students can become construction managers, project managers, building inspectors, architects, civil engineers, and more. There are also a variety of career paths for skilled laborers. There are many universities offering degree programs in this field.

Communications technology

Communications technology is a branch of information technology. It emphasizes the integration of computers and telecommunications. It is also commonly referred to as ICT.

Information technology

A career in information technology allows you to be part of a fast-paced, growing industry. It requires education, experience, and a specific set of skills. The information technology field offers many career opportunities in many sectors, with salaries that can meet or exceed the national average.


Software is a technology that enables the efficient use of computers. Many factors influence how software is used. One of the most important is the compatibility between different platforms. When software is not compatible across platforms, it can result in a customer lock-in and a monopoly. This is what led Microsoft to establish its monopoly.

Audio and visual technology

The International Conference on Audio and Visual Technology for Music and Media aims to bring together world-renowned researchers and academic scientists in the field. The conference offers a comprehensive and highly interactive forum to researchers and practitioners working in the field of audio and visual technology for music and media. It also provides an opportunity to exchange ideas, and to address the practical challenges in the field.


GPS is a global positioning system that allows users to record the exact locations of themselves anywhere in the world. The system can also help in navigation from one location to another. It was originally developed for military purposes, but became widely available to civilians in the 1980s. This article describes the technology and its various applications.

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