What Makes Automobiles Go?


If you’re new to the topic of automobiles, you may be interested in knowing what makes a car go. There are several aspects of automobiles to know. From the Four Wheels, to the Internal combustion engine, to Seat belts, and Advertising, there is something for everyone. Read on to learn more! Automobiles are a very important part of our lives. And they’ve been around for over a century.

Vehicles with four wheels

Vehicles with four wheels may be either two-wheelers or four-wheelers. A four-wheeler is an all-terrain vehicle that features four wheels. The term four-wheeler does not necessarily refer to the number of driven wheels; some models are two-wheel drive, while others may have four wheels or even none at all. Some four-wheel vehicles may be called Chelsea tractors, a derogatory term that originally referred to Range Rovers, but which now applies to any large four-wheel drive vehicle.

Internal combustion engine

The internal combustion engine is a common power source in automobiles. Its use in vehicles is largely due to the invention of Nikilaus Otto in 1823. His design was adapted to a double-acting engine and ran on illuminating gas. The internal combustion engine was soon adopted as the standard power source in automobiles. Today, there are many different types of internal combustion engines. Let’s take a look at the main ones.

Seat belts

Seat belts in automobiles provide a safe and convenient means of fastening and disengaging from the seats. The seat belt covers feature an oblique edge to facilitate the insertion and removal of hands and other articles. Depending on the design, the covers may also serve as change holder or pen and pencil holder. Here’s how the covers work:


Automobile companies spend millions of dollars on advertising each year. Between January and September 1995, General Motors alone spent $1.07 billion on advertising for its cars. Advertising is highly correlated with the quality of a particular vehicle, allowing high-quality producers to signal their superiority to uninformed consumers. On the other hand, low-quality producers copy the quality of high-quality competitors, which is an important distinction. In either case, advertising plays an informational role.

Pollution caused by automobiles

Motor vehicles are a major source of air pollution, especially in urban areas. In the 1960s, California started enacting emission standards for passenger cars. The Clean Air Act, passed in 1970, mandated stringent CO, HC, and NO x emissions reductions for vehicles. The EPA delayed the initial reductions until 1975 and then revised the standards. In addition to California, pollution caused by automobiles is a global problem. Many countries have adopted different standards for automobiles.

Ways to reduce traffic fatalities and injuries

The Department of Transportation is focused on reducing the number of people killed and injured on America’s roads. The number of people killed in road crashes is one of the leading causes of death for both young and old alike. Over the past decade, the number of fatalities on the Nation’s roadways has decreased by 25 percent, with a projected 32,675 for 2014. This is the lowest rate of road death ever recorded.

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