What Is News?


News is information about recent events that people find interesting. The news can be found from various sources. Some people discover it from word of mouth, social media, or electronic alerts. Others rely on print publications and radio or television. In the 20th century, radio became a popular way to transmit news.

A good news story can appeal to people’s emotions and interest. It can be entertaining or sad, but it needs to be significant and unusual.

Some stories, such as those about health, are important to people. These can include new drugs or traditional remedies, as well as medical research. They can also relate to diet and diet habits.

Another type of news that people are interested in is human interest stories. These can take place anywhere in the world, but often involve famous people. These stories may be a scandal or a fall from power, or they can be about personal struggles. Often, these stories aim to make viewers laugh or cry.

Similarly, a health story could be about the spread of a disease. People might also be concerned about crop harvest sizes, food prices, and other issues related to food production.

Weather conditions can be particularly unusual. Unusual temperatures or low rainfall can affect daily routines. And even more unusual, such as an insect discovery, could be a major news story.

Some of the most widely covered news stories are those about controversies. For example, a 90-year-old man who still takes the bus would be an interesting story, but a peasant farmer stating that he was unable to get to his farm would be less relevant. On the other hand, a riot or a coup in a neighboring country can be a big news story, and can affect the stability of the country in which it took place.

Another kind of news is about money. Money stories are about economic pressures, such as the Budget or school fees. Other examples are about compensation claims, wage rises, or other events that affect individuals’ wealth.

There are many factors that influence the quality of news. One of them is the time of the story. An event that has been going on for several days will be given more coverage than one that is happening right now. As a result, a news story may become more interesting to readers, who are more likely to be familiar with the subject.

In the 21st century, the Internet has become a major news propagation channel. A story about a riot in Iran, for instance, might reach millions of viewers on RT, the Iranian government’s multiplatform news channel. But a story about a bug discovered in a field in China could not be newsworthy to a general audience, and the news will be less interesting to those who are not familiar with the topic.

Finally, the story must be relevant. That is, it must be about something that is important to a large number of people.

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