What Is News?


News is current information about events in the world. It can be published in a variety of ways, including via print, broadcasting, and online.

News has a number of different purposes, but most of these involve educating and entertaining readers or listeners. People are interested in different things, so the news must be able to appeal to a range of tastes. Entertainment may come in the form of drama or music on radio or TV, or it might be provided by crosswords or cartoons in newspapers. The news should also be accurate and factual. If it is not, then it could cause harm or upset to its audience.

One of the most important functions of news is keeping citizens informed about government policies and activities. It can also act as a watchdog, investigating and exposing wrongdoing in society. In addition, it can help to build community and provide a sense of belonging.

A good news story must have all of the following elements:

1. A headline that grabs attention. In journalism jargon, this is known as a “lede”. It should be short and use a combination of words that will entice the reader to continue reading. 2. The lead must contain the most important facts of the article. The next paragraphs should add a level of detail, but less important than the first. This way, someone who only reads the first paragraph will still have a lot of information.

3. Prominence. People are interested in famous people and their lives, especially if they have gone wrong. Controversy is also interesting, with arguments, charges and countercharges generating interest. 4. Emotion. People are interested in stories that make them feel empathy or anger, particularly when they affect the lives of those close to them. Stories that touch the heart are always newsworthy.

5. A news item that is unique, unusual, interesting or significant. These five criteria can be interpreted differently in different societies, so the same story might not be considered newsworthy in one country but is in another. For example, a coup in the neighbouring country may be big news in that region but would not make the news in the US or Europe.

Writing a news article requires a high degree of skill and discipline. The writer must avoid personal bias and be unbiased in order to maintain the credibility of the piece. It is also important to be thorough in the research. For instance, when writing a story about a new CEO, the writer should interview the person and obtain quotes to include in the article. In this way, the reader is better able to understand what is being reported and why. Finally, the writer should always check his work for mistakes and grammatical errors before publication. This is particularly crucial if the news item is likely to have a major impact on the public. It is also wise to have a second set of eyes look over the article before publishing it.

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