Types of Law


The study of law covers a variety of subjects, ranging from the rule of law and Constitutions to the rights of individuals. It also covers topics such as the right of asylum and the problem of statelessness. Other categories include social security, family, and transactional law, which focuses on business transactions. The article below explains some of the most common types of law.

Principles of the rule of law

The rule of law is a fundamental principle of governance. Its fundamental concept is that all persons are held to account by laws that are publicly promulgated. These laws must be equally enforced and independently adjudicated. They must also comply with international human rights norms. In addition, the rule of law requires measures to ensure equality before the law, separation of powers, participation in decision-making, legal certainty, and procedural transparency.


Constitutions are the governing documents of an organization, polity, or any other type of entity. These documents generally govern the rules and procedures of governing the entity.

Courts of general jurisdiction

Courts of general jurisdiction have broad jurisdiction over almost all types of civil cases. These courts can hear any claim under any state or federal law. Some types of cases are only brought before federal courts.

Criminal procedure

Criminal procedure under law is a framework that ensures equal treatment for all defendants. It includes the concept of a neutral public. Because people with criminal records and previous contacts with the criminal justice system are often perceived as biased and opposed to reasonable crime policies, criminal procedure is a necessary tool for fair adjudication.

Environmental law

Environmental law applies to the protection of the environment. It protects people and the environment from harmful effects that occur due to pollution. Some of the principles of environmental law include transparency and accountability. Those who violate environmental law face sanctions and fines.

Property rights

Costa Rican legislators are trying to amend the property rights law. The bill has passed the second debate and is currently awaiting the presidential veto. The Costa Rican-American Chamber of Commerce (CAMTIC) is requesting that the President veto the law.

Courts of equity

A court that applies the principles of equity is known as a court of equity. An equity court is also referred to as a chancery court.

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