The Importance of Relationships


Relationships are associations or connections between two or more people, whether intimate, platonic, positive or negative. Relationships are a vital part of the human experience, and many people strive to find their ideal partner with whom they can share a happy and healthy life.

Some relationships are casual “acquaintances” that include people you may pass in the halls at work or chat with about surface-level topics. Others are more meaningful, like friends or family, who you call on for emotional support when needed. Close relationships, like marriage or partnerships, usually require emotional intimacy and a commitment to one another.

A relationship with the right person can put your humanity in overdrive, giving you fuel to do more because you have a ride or die presence that supports and motivates you. You and your partner are the team that fights for everything life throws at you and for your goals and dreams.

You and “the one” likely have aligned life goals, whether that’s career paths or raising a family. You work together to achieve these goals, encouraging and supporting each other along the way. Likewise, your communication with each other is natural and effortless. You can discuss even the most difficult topics without getting angry or defensive.

When it comes to physical intimacy, you and your partner probably have some regular couple time that’s reserved just for the two of you. You might share a meal, go for a walk or watch a movie together. Alternatively, you might just cuddle up on the couch and talk for an hour after dinner or before going to bed. Whatever physical intimacy you and your partner prefer, it’s important to have it regularly so that it doesn’t get lost in the shuffle of daily responsibilities.

Your bond with “the one” is likely mutually beneficial, with each of you bringing different strengths to the table. Despite this, you still consider each other to be equals and respect one another’s abilities, strengths and weaknesses. In a healthy relationship, you both learn from each other and strive to be your best selves.

Many people believe that a healthy relationship requires a lot of work, but the work isn’t necessarily as exhausting or demanding as it sounds. Think about your favorite hobby or a school project you got really psyched about—those things take a lot of effort, but they also tend to be fun and inspiring. It’s easy to let your guard down around people you care about, which can lead to hurt feelings and misunderstandings. But if you approach your relationship with a view to providing each other with more in life, it’s easier to avoid putting each other down. Then when hardships come, you’re a stronger team that can face them together. And when triumphs roll in, you’ll celebrate them even more. That’s the true magic of a relationship.

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