Relationships Can Be Toxic


Relationships are the contacts between two or more individuals or groups. People have different kinds of relationships, including friendships, romantic feelings, and sexual ones. When a relationship ends, it can be an upsetting experience for both parties. Relationships are guided by an evolved biological need, and take commitment, compromise, forgiveness, and effort to maintain.

They can be toxic

Relationships can be toxic when a partner does not respect your boundaries. You may feel that you are constantly on edge or that you are being judged. Walking on eggshells is exhausting and frightening. If you find yourself constantly on edge in your relationships, it may be time to make a change. Healthy relationships are based on a sense of confidence and comfort.

Toxic people can be very demanding and can drain you of your time. By building healthy relationships, you can get rid of the need for toxic relationships. Some people may not even realize that they are being toxic, and a simple conversation may change their behavior. But if they refuse to change, they are best cut out of your life.

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