How to Create and Sustain Healthy Relationships


Relationships are complex and guided by an evolved biological need. However, relationships are also difficult and often lead to hurt feelings and one-sidedness. It is important to recognize these challenges and to create a supportive, healthy relationship that you can enjoy for the rest of your life. This article outlines some strategies to help you create and sustain healthy Relationships.

They can cause hurt feelings

Hurt feelings in relationships affect many aspects of the way we behave and think, and they can have a significant impact on our decisions in relationships. People who have experienced hurt feelings repeatedly may find themselves avoiding close relationships, or they may even seek out a partner who will shield them from emotional pain. However, these experiences can also lead to coping mechanisms that enable us to maintain a healthy, secure relationship.

They can slip into one-sidedness

One-sided relationships can be difficult to recover from. One-sidedness can occur as a result of past experiences, mental health problems, or poor communication. These situations can lead to increased stress, which negatively impacts both mental and physical health. When you are too stressed, you may experience sleep problems, anxiety, or decreased immunity.

They can involve elements of friendship

Relationships can involve elements of friendship in any stage of their development. Ideally, friendships will involve mutual involvement. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to be in constant contact. For example, many people develop long-term friendships with people whom they see once or twice a year, or even only once every decade.

They can be monogamous or nonmonogamous

When choosing between monogamous and nonmonogamy, you need to consider your relationship style. Some people feel more comfortable with a monogamous relationship while others prefer open relationships. Either way, it is important to discuss these differences with your partner. For instance, a monogamous couple may feel jealousy if their partner starts a new relationship. A nonmonogamy couple may not have such a problem.

They can be short-term or long-term

Short-term relationships may be defined as anything less than a year. Some people see these relationships as fun and are not committed long-term. Long-term relationships are a different story. The two types of relationships typically begin similarly, but the differences begin to emerge as the relationships progress.

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