What Makes News Good and Bad?


The term “news” refers to a report or record of an event or action that a specific audience should know. It should be written in an authoritative, comprehensive manner, with a specific audience in mind. News must also provoke the recipient to act. In this article we’ll explore what makes news good and bad, and identify the characteristics of a good news story. Throughout this article we’ll examine the role of news in public life, and how it influences public opinion.

Lessons learned

When you read the news, it is easy to get caught up in the stories. The writing style and organization is usually very clear, so analyzing the way they are written is an important skill that students can master. They will practice finding the main idea of a news story by analyzing its structure. They can introduce the inverted pyramid and then take a deep dive into a particular news story. Students will learn how to assess their own bias and evaluate the evidence that supports that opinion.

Content of MAIN NEWS articles

The MAIN NEWS section is a great place to introduce your students to current events in local, national, and international areas. The articles in the MAIN NEWS can inspire pre-reading thinking and give them a better understanding of the world around them. The MAIN NEWS articles are updated every day, making it easy to read the most important news of the day and to explore the many issues and people they may find interesting.

Influence of media on public opinion

The impact of media on public opinion is a perennial debate. Some researchers argue that media influence public opinion in two different ways. One theory posits that media influence public opinion because viewers selectively choose the messages that they hear. In other words, the media may influence public opinion, but the effect on the audience is negligible. The other theory is based on the assumption that media affect public opinion in a reciprocal way, with the producer learning from the recipient.

Characteristics of good news stories

There are certain characteristics that distinguish good news stories. These stories are compelling, timely, and interesting. They will draw readers in with their impact. For example, stories about violence and conflict will generate more interest than stories about a less violent event. Similarly, stories about people with power or a controversial issue will attract more interest than stories about someone who doesn’t have power. Some other characteristics of a good news story are relevance, size, and impact.

Reporting of current events

Reporting of current events is an area of journalism that entails drawing upon different sources to write about events. The work itself can be an article or a report. In some cases, the work may be a short extract of a longer work, such as a news article. It can also refer to radio or television reports. For these types of works, the author of the work should be credited. A newspaper illustration might be an example of such reporting.

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