Traveling and Hotels – Tips for Booking a Single Room at a Hotel

Traveling and hotels

April is slow travel month, and international travel will not be returning until 2020. Instead, domestic tourism will take precedence. People are too focused on their own country to worry about the future of the rest of the world. This situation is particularly bad for hotels. Hotel rooms sit empty for days before a new guest checks in. They have to be responsive to travelers’ needs and keep cash flowing, so they need to be as flexible as possible.

Hostels are social places for solo travelers

There are many reasons why hostels are social places for solo travelers when traveling. Aside from being fun, hostels have a great atmosphere where people get to know each other and make new friends. Most hostels also have events planned for guests to participate in, such as a daily movie night or a game of adult baseball. If you are shy or introverted, this might be a challenge. But don’t worry, because many travelers are in the same boat as you.

Hotels offer everything a traveler might need

Most modern hotels have made the journey of a traveler easier than ever. Single rooms can be simple and small, but they are comfortable for one person, or two with an extra bed. The facilities are comparable to that of any other room in a hotel, so you can make reasonable requests while staying in a single room. Here are a few tips for booking a single room at a hotel:

Hotel rooms sit empty for several days before a new guest checks in

According to the American Hotel and Lodging Association, the average number of hotel rooms that sit empty is 70. The trend is worse in the summertime when hotel occupancy is down about 20 percent and even lower in wintertime. Even when guests do check in, they often spend just a few hours or days in their rooms before they find another guest. According to Tupper, this is a big problem for hotels and should be addressed.

Hotel rooms are disinfected after each guest checks in

Hospitality industry experts recommend that hotel rooms be disinfected after each guest checks in to prevent the spread of infectious disease. Sanitization is done on all surfaces, including water faucets, toilet seats, and light switches. In addition, hotel employees should disinfect surfaces after each guest checks in, using a three-step disinfection process, including two hospital-grade sanitization solutions. Hotel staff members should wear sterile gloves to clean rooms and should change them after every four or six hours.

Booking a hotel in advance

When traveling, it’s always good to book a hotel in advance to get the best price. Many hotels rise in price as the week or month gets closer. Booking a hotel in advance can also help you lock in a lower price if your plans change. By checking out the rates of popular hotels in advance, you can get the best rate and cancel your reservation if necessary. Also, you’ll know that your room will be ready when you get there, which is a huge plus.

Booking through a travel agent

There are many advantages to booking hotels through a travel agent. First of all, agents typically receive a commission from the companies they represent, and they can offer you significant savings on your stay. Also, travel agents often open up a marketplace to list hotels, which can help you find better prices. In addition, many travel agents use a global distribution system that allows you to easily compare prices. Some travel agents will offer loyalty programs for their clients, such as Marriott’s.

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